Goodman & Associates is a trusted advisor to privately held businesses across several sectors: manufacturing, distribution, retail, real estate, and professional services.

Our team provides valuable insights, advice, and expertise to grow their business, manage risk, and achieve their goals.

From helping emerging businesses become established to helping owners deal with succession issues, Goodman & Associates provides our clients the personal and corporate financial planning essential to their success.

How we do it

Each and every company has unique needs. We begin our relationship by developing a plan. You will meet with key members of our team, and they work with you to define your needs, determine your goals, and design a plan that will achieve your goals through tax planning and/or management consulting.

Proactive communications is core to our approach. Goodman & Associates don’t wait for you to call. You will hear from us throughout the year, and provide reminders and monthly support for monthly, quarterly and yearly filings.

Speak in your language. You can expect us to answer your questions in a timely manner, and give you the knowledge and expertise you expect. We don’t talk at you, we work with you to answer your questions, help you understand the numbers, and of course work with you to implement the plan